Computer and Mathematical Occupations Salary Info - Columbus, OH

How much do Computer and Mathematical Occupations earn in Columbus, Ohio?

$77k Statisticians

$70k Operations Research Analysts

$104k Actuaries

$83k Computer Occupations, All Other

$62k Computer Network Support Specialists

$51k Computer User Support Specialists

$96k Computer Network Architects

$70k Network and Computer Systems Administrators

$86k Database Administrators

$68k Web Developers

$90k Software Developers, Systems Software

$86k Software Developers, Applications

$73k Computer Programmers

$89k Information Security Analysts

$79k Computer Systems Analysts

$76k Computers and Mathematics

*Computer and Mathematical Occupations labor statistics in this table are based on surveys taken from Columbus, OH. To view Computer and Mathematical Occupations labor statistics from other areas near Columbus, see links below for salary data from nearby areas.

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